About Me

A Little About Myself


Known as a passionate fan of the arts, I consciously (and subconsciously) incorporate media structure to every facet of my day to day routine. It's become a way of life. Whether it is creative design, music or entertainment, I engulf myself in all things multimedia. I share that affinity with rising technology, sports and, most importantly, family.

Why "Un" Designs?


I have an unorthodox approach to design, I strive to challenge myself to create outside of the box. Sometimes my concepts are literal, others may be abstract, almost metaphorical, but I always deliver a cohesive and relevant design you, and I, can be proud of. The best part of my day is when the  concept comes to life when your vision is portrayed on my screen

My Professional History


With over 15 years of experience, I have had the pleasure of working with unbelievably rewarding companies such as OnBoard Media, Delta Dental, Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruises, Ernst Benz, Sophia Fiori and Caesar's Player to name a few. It's been an incredible journey creating multifaceted print and digital pieces and I'm just getting warmed up. Let's build!